Friday, March 27, 2015

I was so wrong... Parmesan fries aren't the most delicious fries - Gruyere truffle oil fries are...

Ok - I admit. I came late from work. Wanted to do a simple pasta pomodoro [even bought some stuff].
But then in the last minute, I decided to have a meal of German Doner. Yes - it might have been better before - but it is still the best freakin' Doner in Dubai - full stop!
I asked them also to double pack the french fries, as I got them previously lukewarm and soggy.
When I came home, the fries were still warm.

So I put them on a plate grated some gruyere on top of them and put them shortly under the broiler.
I had to add some salt [weren't salted enough] and well, a couple of drops of truffle oil cannot hurt [truffle oil is one of the very very very very few things, which I like, despite the fact, that it is not the natural truffle flavor - but a nature identical aroma].

I tried this before with Parmesan cheese, but it didn't cut it for me... gruyere does!

Would it be better, to put it on home made and fresh fried fries? Yes. I even think along the lines of fusion - and think of doing a furikake, Kenji's vegan miso topping, gruyere thing... when it comes to french fries, everything goes. Even chili with truffle...

But at this point I am quite happy.
It tasted delicious - if now gruyere wouldn't be so damned expensive....

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